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The Team

Robert Midgley
Managing Director and Asset Manager - Chartered Financial Planner
Iain MacRitchie
Sales Director
Flory Stroe
Director, Risk Manager and Financial Controller
Praniel Ladwa
Chief Operations Officer, Investment Adviser and Insurance Broker
Paul Smith
Non-Executive Director
Joseph Portelli
Non-Executive Director
Neal Rossignaud
Compliance Officer
Adriana Nica
Head of Administration
Gethin Webb
Senior Financial Planner
Rodric Davies
Senior Financial Planner
David Rogers
Senior Financial Planner
Nygel Harriman
Senior Financial Planner
Phil Robertson
Senior Financial Planner
Nick Tipper
Senior Financial Planner
Anupam Agarwal
Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor and Financial Planner
Daniel Power
Investment Advisor, Insurance Broker and Financial Planner
Andrew Sciberras
Investment & Operations Administrator
Maksym Skotarenko
Investment analyst and operations
Claude Jansen
Client Servicing Specialist
Edward Herrera
Investment and Operations Administrator
Anders Serup
Pieter Mentz
Joseph Sleep
Chenoa Siciliano
Mark Whitelegg
Janica Farrugia
Lina Orlovaite
Luke Camilleri
Kurt Darmanin
Junior Administrator