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Please complete the following 11 steps to find out where you are on your path to retirement. Our calculator takes into account your desired retirement location, income needs and adjusts for tax, investment returns and inflation. At the end you can see whether or not you are on course for a comfortable retirement. You can also adjust all fields to adapt your plan to your changing circumstances.

01 - 11

Your current age?

02 - 11

At what age would you like to retire?

03 - 11

Where would you like to retire?

Your retirement location and expected lifestyle there will define the amount of income needed.

04 - 11

Currency of your retirement plan?

We would suggest aiming to build a retirement fund in the currency of your chosen retirement location.

05 - 11

If you were retiring today, how much annual net income would you need to live a comfortable life?

Please consider all costs and expenses in retirement. Would you still have a mortgage or rental income to pay, children to support, other ongoing financial obligations? On the other hand, you have more free time. Would you like more available money to do the things you enjoy today?

06 - 11

What tax rate would you like to consider?

Your retirement fund may include pensions, savings, investments, property etc. Please include a tax rate that would cover these holdings.

07 - 11

What inflation rate would you like to consider?

Please consider a long term average rate for the country that you plan to retire in.

08 - 11

How many years would you like to consider living in retirement?

The average life expectancy in the developed world is around 85. It may be important to think about a longer time in retirement so that you do not out-live your savings.

09 - 11

How much money do you have specifically set-aside for retirement?

This would include pension plans, but it could also be savings and investment accounts, insurance policies, investment properties etc.

10 - 11

How much money do you save directly towards retirement?

If you have a company pension, this would include your and your employers contributions. Otherwise, it could be any other savings directly targeted towards your retirement fund.

11 - 11

What growth rate would you like to consider for your pension assets?

Markets move up and down, but over the long term what average growth rate do you think would be realistic to achieve?

Please find the outcome to your chosen retirement plan. All fields can be modified and the results will change accordingly. Please contact your financial advisor for any further information.

Age yrs
Retirement Age yrs
Years in Retirement yrs
Retirement Location  
Income required p.a.
Tax Rate %
Inflation Rate %
Current retirement savings  
Retirement savings p.a.
Expected rate of investment growth %
Your current plan will allow you the required time in retirement.
Unfortunately, your current plan will NOT allow you the required time in retirement as you will run out of retirement savings. You will need to adjust your plan to be able to meet your expected time in retirement.
Years until retirement
Your on-course savings would run out after
0 years
Total savings needed
You are on course for
Income Needed
0.00 p.a.
You are on course for
0.00 p.a.
Over/Under by
0 %
In today's terms this would be
0.00 p.a.


Income needed

This is the income per annum required at your chosen retirement age. It equals the same as the income you have chosen in today’s terms, but has future adjusted it for the tax and inflation rates you have entered.

Total savings needed

This is a fund equal to the income needed at retirement multiplied by the years in retirement. It assumes the fund will decrease to zero upon death. If this retirement fund were to grow in-line with inflation it would allow your income in retirement to grow in-line with inflation during retirement, but the fund would still decrease to zero upon death.

If the fund were to grow by more or less than inflation or you were to live for longer or shorter than the chosen time in retirement it could have a significant effect upon your retirement. Please contact an advisor for more information on these parameters.

On-course for savings

This is a fund equal to the savings you currently have for retirement plus the annual additional savings you are making. It also includes the growth per annum you have entered up until retirement.

Your on-course savings would run out after

This is the number of years your on-course for savings would run out after if you were to take the income needed per annum.

In today’s terms this would be

This shows the net monthly income you are on-course for in retirement. It includes all of your chosen parameters. Please speak to your financial advisor for further information.

This retirement calculator is for information purposes only. When calculating a retirement plan many unknowns and assumptions are involved. This calculator is not intended as, or should be used in place of receiving full personal financial planning advice. This calculator is not a recommendation to save or invest money. There are explanatory notes on the summary page to detail how this calculator reaches its conclusions. Manentia Wealth Consulting Group AG may not be held responsible for anything whatsoever relating to the information provided by this retirement calculator.