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Tax Returns and Accounting

MWC partners Zanuco Treuhand AG to offer it's clients first class tax returns and accounting services.

Zanuco Treuhand AG offers competent accounting, real estate and fiduciary services for private and business customers of small and medium-sized companies, real estate owners and start-up companies.

Together with the customers, they work closely and provide the necessary accounting and financial services to successfully exist in the competitive market.

Our combined experience and commitment enable companies to grow and flourish. Zanuco Treuhand AG helps business owners do what they do best to achieve successful results.

Their available services are:

  • Tax declaration (natural and legal persons)
  • Tax planning
  • Contact with tax authorities
  • Objection procedure
  • Accounting
  • VAT billing
  • Invoicing
  • Annual financial statements
  • Human Resources
  • Salary-administration
  • Social insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Management of rental properties
  • Supervision propertie conglomerates STWGE
  • Heating-charges
  • Annual financial statements
  • Administrative and legal support
  • Credit Management
  • Company founding

Zanuco Treuhand has offices in:

Office Zürichsee

Zanuco Treuhand AG
Neuhofstrasse 14
8834 Schindellegi

Office Zug

Zanuco Treuhand AG
Langackerstrasse 41
6330 Cham

You can get in touch with Zanuco Treuhand AG by: