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Asset Management

Strategic Investment Advice is our Core Competency

Financial security is the ultimate goal of building wealth over time. It is the ability to take control and see your dreams come to life – to live in the ideal property, to give your children the very best of starts to their lives and to retire in comfort, never worrying about out-living your savings.

To achieve this takes much time, dedication and perseverance. The road travelled is normally filled with many ups and downs, steep learning curves and experience earned over time. It doesn’t happen by chance.

We understand the responsibility bestowed upon us by our clients and that their trust is earned over the long term.

At MWC Group we believe that successful wealth management demands great expertise, knowledge and experience. That is why we have built a dedicated team of experts to help proactively monitor and manage our clients’ wealth.

We also understand that our clients come in all shapes and sizes, with different circumstances, requirements and objectives. That is why we offer a whole-of-market approach to investment management.

As a regulated, independent and unbiased advisory company, we are able to work with the very best solutions providers – from private banks to on-line investment platforms, from mutual funds to ETF’s – in order to find the best overall solution for each and every one of our clients.

We also don’t believe that low cost is always best. Rather, we look for the very best value proposition, to cut out all unnecessary costs, but ensure that our clients have the perfect solution for their given circumstance and needs.

Finally, we have created a cost model which ensures that we are 100% aligned with our clients. No hidden charges, no opaque fee schedules, just full transparency, enabling us to benefit when our clients do. For more information please ask your financial advisor.

Strategic Investment Advice is our Core Competency

To find your perfect investment solution we must first understand you.Initially, your advisor will take you through a fact-finding process, in order to understand exactly where you are today – how your financial assets are balanced and what is being added to these through savings, income, bonus’ and growth. Then, he/she will walk through all of your future objectives, to better understand where you will need to spend this money in the years to come. Finally, he/she will discuss the framework of an investment solution, which would perfectly fit your needs.

To find the optimal solution, we will look at key areas such as;

  • The amount of money you wish to invest

  • Which currency options you prefer

  • Whether you wish to add to this over time, either on a regular or ad hoc basis

  • The investment time horizon

  • How much flexibility you require

  • Whether you need complete liquidity or can lock some money away

  • Your investment experience

  • Any specific areas of interest

  • Your expectations for growth

Once this framework for an investment platform has been discussed we’ll ask you to complete a risk profiling questionnaire. This will take into account both your ‘attitude to’ as well as ‘capacity for’ taking on risk. It will be the final piece of the puzzle, allowing us to next start to look for the solution.

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