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Swiss regulation

MWC Group is the trading name of Manentia Wealth Consulting Group AG, a Swiss company, and of its subsidiary Manentia Wealth Consulting Group Ltd, a Maltese company. The Swiss company is regulated in Switzerland by three regulatory bodies, namely FINMA, PolyReg, and OSFIN. Below is an overview of these regulatory bodies as well as links to our entries in their respective members registers as an authorised institution.


​From January 2020 the Financial Services Act (FinSA) and the Financial Institutions Act (FinIA) comes into force and most of the rules will apply after the two year transition period from January 2022. MWC Group’s various business units are subject to these provisions. FinSA in essence contains regulations on the provision of financial services and the offer of financial instruments and is intended to improve investor protection. FinSA’a content is closely based on the MiFiD II reforms in the EU.

Further details of FinSA is available on the FINMA website.


FINMA is Switzerland’s independent financial-markets regulator. Its mandate is to supervise banks, insurance companies, exchanges, securities dealers, collective investment schemes, and their asset managers and fund management companies. It also regulates distributors and insurance intermediaries. It is charged with protecting creditors, investors, and policyholders. FINMA is responsible for ensuring that Switzerland’s financial markets function effectively.

As a registered ‘Insurance intermediary’ with FINMA, MWC Group can operate without being tied to any insurance company. This facilitates our independent ability to identify and recommend the best products available in the market through direct terms of business with providers.

MWC Group Entry in the FINMA register (no. 29575)

MWC Group is member of the following professional associations:

  • Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)

  • Swiss portfolio managers association (VSV/ASG)

  • Swiss Registered Investment Adviser Association (SRIAA)

European regulation

If you would like more information on the regulations applicable to the different MWC Group entities, please click on the following link(s):

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