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Mark Whitelegg


My path into the world of financial advisory services is a little more mixed than most, but at the heart of all of my experience has been taking care of my clients. From organising events for an oil and gas company in Asia to selling advertising space for a newspaper in Spain, I have always cared about my clients. In my role as Client Relationship Manager in the Geneva office of United Advisers Group, I want my clients to feel as though they are receiving the best advice, tailored to their situations.

A lot of people pay lip service to client satisfaction, but I don’t. I genuinely want what’s best for my clients and have confidence in my ability to find the right solutions whether that’s a financial plan or product. It brings me great satisfaction when a prospect becomes a client and places their trust in my recommendations. When it comes to living in Geneva, what can I say? It’s multinational and for that reason it’s vibrant, and it boasts stunning scenery. Mountains and lakes all in one!

Mark Whitelegg
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